Okay, It Happened: One Of The ‘Billions’ Co-Creators Is Working On A GameStop Movie

For those who missed out on their chance to ride GameStop and AMC stock to the moon for a nice payday, the next best thing seems to be cashing in by making a movie about the Reddit-fueled stock market hijinks.

We’ve already seen a few reports about GameStop movies on the way: Netflix has movie in mind and there’s even some talk that the Reddit moderators that helped usher in this chaotic crowdsourced short squeeze are fighting over their own chances to cash in with movie deals. But Friday brought news of another GameStop adaptation, this time from the co-creator of Billions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO is the latest outlet in the GameStop-Reddit business, and Jason Blum is on board to turn the still-ongoing stock saga into a movie.

The untitled project is from Jason Blum (of Blumhouse horror movie empire fame), Andrew Ross Sorkin (who co-created Showtime’s Wall Street drama Billions) and Len Amato (Recount).

The pitch: “How a populist uprising of social media day traders beat Wall Street at their own game turning the stock market upside down and shaking the financial world to its core.”

As EW notes, that makes SEVEN different GameStop projects in the works, including a pair of documentaries and five scripted series that are either movies or TV shows. And much like the people who sunk a lot of time and money into propping up stocks to execute the short squeeze, not everyone is likely to be successful. But the list of projects, and the notable names attached either writing or acting in them, is pretty impressive already.

In addition to the HBO project, there’s a scripted MGM movie in development from author Ben Mezrich (Bitcoin Billionaires) based on a pitch titled The Antisocial Network; another in the works from Netflix written by Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty) with Noah Centineo (The Fosters) attached to star; yet another from a new company that’s described as a limited series titled To the Moon; and a fourth from Brett Ratner’s RatPac Entertainment, which acquired the story rights of Jaime and Joel Rogozinski — two men behind the WallStreetBets subreddit — as well as the rights to the book WallStreetBets: How Boomers Made the World’s Biggest Casino for Millennials.

That’s a lot of furious writing about and filming of diamond-handed Redditors, and a good amount of competition to actually get the projects out into the real world. But, hey, it’s a good story. Just one we might see a lot of in the coming years.