The Best Joke In ‘Black Widow’ Is Making Marvel Fans Emotional Over An ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Connection

SPOILERS for Black Widow will be found below.

Black Widow was Florence Pugh’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And to millions of people who didn’t see her in Lady Macbeth and Midsommar (everyone should watch Lady Macbeth and Midsommar). But in a way, the Paddington-befriending actress has been part of the MCU since Avengers: Infinity War. At least her vest has.

For my money, the best joke in Black Widow is Yelena’s (Pugh) affection for her vest. It’s tactical, it’s “so cool,” it’s the first thing she bought for herself after being released from Dreykov’s mind control, and most importantly, it has pockets. So many pockets for so many gadgets and gizmos, you wouldn’t even know. At the end of the film, however, she gives it to her “sister,” Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) before they depart. “I guess you should take this, I know how much you like it,” Yelena tells her. Natasha liked it enough that she wrote it during one of the most climatic scenes in MCU history.

Black Widow is sporting the vest during the Wakanda battle scene in Infinity War, the fifth highest-grossing movie of all-time (its sequel, Endgame, is number two). The direct connection between the Avengers movie and Black Widow was made by Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige, as Scarlett Johansson told Screen Rant.

“Well it actually is an important thing. It seems very superficial, but it actually is very unique, it’s a very meaningful thing. That’s totally a Kevin Feige thing. He loves all of that backstory stuff and things that connect characters to one another,” she said. “When we designed it then, it was really just a different look for the character, but it’s fun how Kevin’s mind works in this — he’s like an imagineer in that way, where he thinks of all the little hidden things that people will give, things that are seemingly innocuous, some heart. It’s an heirloom, it becomes an heirloom in this unexpected, funny way.”

It’s also making people very emotional.

(Via Screen Rant)