‘Black Widow’ Star David Harbour Has Ideas For A Red Guardian Spinoff Series

For as much as being a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe can bog down some of its more stellar films (see our Black Widow review), there’s one way in which being an MCU movie is a huge asset to all their beloved characters: spinoff series. While not every hero and villain is lucky enough to get their very own solo film, Black Widow star David Harbour (who you might also know as Stranger Things‘ Hopper) has his fingers crossed.

According to an Insider interview, Harbour is hoping to reprise his role as the Red Guardian and is “down for more” appearances in the MCU. When asked just where he’d like his character’s story to go, Harbour even offered up a few ideas:

“I have two ideas. One is seeing Red Guardian back in his prime. That’s interesting to me. But the other is going off this story, having this experience with Natasha and having this beautiful end when he takes her hand and says “I can’t even speak to you because I would mess it up.” When he finds out that she was on that cliff with Hawkeye and maybe the version of the story he hears is that Hawkeye pushed her off or something, it’s a moment when Red Guardian turns back to the guy he was. He now wants vengeance for her. That I feel would play well.”

Considering Black Widow broke pandemic box office records and had some pretty major stars in its supporting roles (Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz…), it might not be too much of a stretch to assume they will be popping up again in the coming years. Who knows, we could even see David Harbour make an appearance in the upcoming Hawkeye series coming to Disney+ which, thanks to Black Widow, we now know more about — including why Black Widow‘s Yelena (Pugh) will be in it. In the meantime, it looks like we’ll have to binge a whole lot of Stranger Things and watch Black Widow on repeat to get more of Harbour killing it as everyone’s favorite awkwardly charming fathers.