The ‘Black Widow’ Super Bowl Spot Includes Some Tremendous Face Time From David Harbour’s Red Guardian

Following up on the Black Widow trailer, the film’s Super Bowl spot is here to add some anticipation for David Harbour’s Red Guardian. He’s already shown himself to be comic relief while “flexing” in the trailer; yet in this spot, we not only see more of the soaring action that the Cate Shortland-directed movie promises, but we also receive the below wonderful facial expression from Red Guardian. He’s so pleased to be back in the saddle again! If this isn’t a comic-book movie moment that’s appropriate for tonight’s audience, then I don’t know what else could possibly surpass it. What a game face.

Marvel Studios

Ultimately Red Guardian will face off with the film’s villain, Taskmaster, just like Natasha Romanoff and other characters will be forced to do. As fans know, this standalone movie will focus upon not only the hand-to-hand combat so famous to Black Widow during the MCU movies, but also the other Black Widows played by Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz. The Taskmaster, though, is here to test them all. We don’t know who’s playing the villain, but he or she is able to mimic his opponent’s fighting style and presumably, retain the fighting style of those who it faced off with during previous conflicts.

Black Widow opens on May 1, 2020.