Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ Is Coming To Select Theaters For One Night Only

Bo Burnham took the internet by storm earlier this year with a Netflix special called Inside. Created and filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic, it was an intimate and revealing look at Burnham’s unique style of comedy. Burnham announced the special in April of 2021, and it soon arrived on Netflix to remind everyone about the weirdness of the last year or so that was.

What’s followed is an album of the show’s songs, as well as widespread critical acclaim to boot. While many pieces of entertainment have hit streaming services during the pandemic with movie theaters shuttered, few have captured the emotions of actually living through it for so many. And now that work of art will hit now-open theaters for people to enjoy in a new context.

On Saturday, Burnham announced that the special would also be coming to movie theaters. Billed as one night only event, Burnham tweeted about the July 22 screenings in theaters nationwide.

The comedian soon tweeted that tickets were going fast, so they were adding showtimes and theaters in the coming days. Burnham’s website for Inside can search for the closest theater to you that’s playing the movie later in the month, so if you’re eager to watch some comedy about the internet and isolation among a group of strangers in a darkened theater you’ve got a date on July 22.