‘Promising Young Woman’ Star Bo Burnham Is Bringing His One-Man Quarantine Special To Netflix

A lot of people were mad about the lack of clips during the 2021 Academy Awards, but not me. It made the choice to show the scene from Promising Young Woman where Bo Burnham’s character says that Carey Mulligan can spit in his coffee, an offer she takes up, all the more wild. You can show one 10-second scene to sum up your movie, and that’s the one you pick? As the New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan joked, “We are not going to show you ANYTHING from this movie except Bo Burnham being a tall sub.”

Speaking of that tall sub, he has a new (spit-free) special coming out soon!

“hi. i made a new special. it was filmed by me, alone, without a crew or an audience, over the course of the past year. it is almost finished. i hope you like it,” he tweeted, along with a video of himself playing the piano. He added, “For those asking how i filmed the first shot alone, i didn’t. that shot is from the end of my last special, five years ago.”

Burnham’s last two specials, 2013’s what. and 2016’s Make Happy, were both released on Netflix. Since then, the future-Larry Bird actor wrote and directed Eighth Grade, a truly special movie; starred in The Big Sick; and appeared in a Best Picture-nominated movie where someone spits in his coffee. It’s been a wild ride.