‘Booster Gold’ Movie May Be In The Works From ‘Thor’ Writer (UPDATE: Confirmed)

UPDATE: Greg Berlanti confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s working on Booster Gold with Zack Stentz.

That rumored comedic “superhero buddy cop movie” based on the Booster Gold series may be closer to production than you thought, and it may serve (along with the humor in Suicide Squad) as DC and Warner’s counterpoint to the gloominess of the underperforming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and an answer to their rumored “no jokes allowed” policy. Considering Deadpool will likely outgross Batman V Superman in North America on a much lower budget, it makes sense that Warner would find the timing right to move forward with Booster Gold, one of DC’s most Deadpool-like properties.

It’s certainly a long time coming. A Booster Gold TV show was in the works from producer Greg Berlanti (The Flash TV show, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl) way back in 2011. More recently, Berlanti was rumored to be producing and directing a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle “superhero buddy cop movie” which might crossover with Justice League. For what it’s worth, DC’s Geoff Johns has been saying we’ll be seeing Booster Gold very soon.

Now it appears as though Zack Stentz, the writer of Thor, is working on a Booster Gold movie for Berlanti. None of this is official yet, but here’s the seemingly relevant part of Zack Stentz’s visit to the Fatman on Batman podcast, where he talks to Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin about the mystery project he’s writing for Greg Berlanti.

Stentz doesn’t say what the project is, but it’s something non-TV for Greg Berlanti and a project Berlanti was already working on, but had to delay when his kid was born. Cleats and Capes rounded up some reasons it sounds like Berlanti’s rumored Booster Gold project, and Birth.Movies.Death says Stentz is writing a Booster Gold script being produced by Berlanti.

For those unfamiliar with Booster Gold, he’s a famous football player from the 25th century who was disgraced after being caught gambling on his own games. So he does what any fame-hungry washout would do, steal enchanted relics and travel to the past where his purloined gear makes him a superhero. It lends itself to some funny plot lines, with Booster sometimes doing the heroic thing despite himself. Basically, think of all the weird sh*t you would do if you could travel to the past with superpowers, and that’s what a Booster Gold movie could be if they decide to have fun with it.

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