Borat Mocked ‘Judy Riuliani’ In A Reddit AMA That Was As Filthy And Chaotic As You’d Expect

As if Borat Subsequent Moviefilm needed more promotion after racking up huge audience numbers for its Amazon Prime debut, Sacha Baron Cohen participated in a Reddit AMA while in character as Borat, and the whole thing was exactly as wild and crazy as you’d expect. Cohen also continued to dunk on Rudy Giuliani, whose scene in the film has led to an embarrassing scandal for “America’s Mayor.” It’s shown no signs of going away anytime soon, even in the middle of the most contentious election in recent history.

When the controversial scene ends in the film, Borat is deprived of a chance to seduce Giuliani, so a curious Reddit answer asked just what would have happened if things worked out differently, and Cohen — sorry, Borat — didn’t hold back. He also gave Giuliani one hell of a new nickname:

“It would have been a great honour to make sexy pleasurings for Judy Ruiliani but he seem to be in hurry to get to his next meeting. I was very prepare – after arrest for firt moviefilm I won trophies for Best Mouth Party and Best Use of Small Hole in a Confine Space, on K Wing of Tinshen Prison. I was held there for 14 years alongside the worst criminals in Kazakh society, including womens who had been caught attempting to read, crazy ‘round-earthers’ and Shoorik the Jew Killer who was imprison for stealing apples.”

Giuliani’s compromising scene where he appears to put his hand down his pants while alone with Borat’s “daughter” has continued to make headlines since it was revealed over a week ago, a few days prior to the Borat Subsequent Film release. The situation has gotten so bad for the former mayor that Giuliani wasn’t even safe on Fox Business, where he flew off the handle on Tuesday night when Kennedy brought up the film.

After being asked if he regretted participating in the Borat sequel, Giuliani spat back, “Now, that’s a stupid question, isn’t it?” When Kennedy replied that she has a 15-year-old daughter and was “kind grossed out” by Giuliani’s behavior, the president’s personal lawyer lost it.

“Whether you believe it or not, I was tucking my shirt in, he made it appear as if it was something different,” Giuliani yelled. “Borat and his 50-man crew ran out of the place. Would you like to ask me any other questions to attack me for merely coming on your show to show you what criminals they are?”

(Via Reddit)