Brian De Palma’s Weinstein-Inspired Horror Script Has Quite The Title

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Over the weekend, word spread that Brian De Palma (who directed, among other things, Carrie and the coke-fueled Scarface remake starring Al Pacino) is penning a horror movie script inspired by Harvey Weinstein’s fall from grace. That tidbit right there is amazing enough to behold, but Deadline now reports that the script has a title, and it’s a fitting one.

The film shall be called Predator, not to be confused with the sci-fi horror flicks that have been rebooted or star Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the story is aptly named for Weinstein’s decades-long pattern of predatory behavior. His dozens of alleged sexual assaults spread across the globe, including at the prestigious film festivals in Cannes (as highlighted by Asia Argento) and Sundance (as detailed by Rose McGowan). As such, De Palma’s script will be largely based at the Toronto Film Festival. Here’s De Palma’s pre-confirmation reveal:

Without revealing the title or his producers’ names, De Palma last week evoked Predator during a French tour for his thriller novel Are Snakes Necessary? which he co-wrote with Susan Lehman. [He] told local press he was preparing “a horror film, with a sexual aggressor” at its center. He has since elaborated that the project will take place “within the context of sexual harassment in Hollywood.”

Well, sexual misconduct is clearly a very serious subject, so placing the Weinstein scandal into the context of a horror film might get a little dicey, given that such movies can be campy. De Palma is also known for directing a certain scenery-chewing moment that features the most notorious Scarface line of all time, but let’s not go there. Especially given that Weinstein reportedly relied on penile injections to treat erectile dysfunction. Yes, the script should really be … something, alright.

(Via Deadline & Page Six)