Oscar Nominee Luca Guadagnino Has An Idea For A ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Sequel

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Call Me by Your Name isn’t a movie that immediately lends itself to a sequel. For one thing, it’s a coming-of-age story about sexual (in)experience, a masterclass in desires, and an intimate portrait of a first love, not Despicable Me 3. But Luca Guadagnino, who directed the Best Picture nominee (it’s also up for Best Adapted Screenplay), believes Call Me could be turned into a Before Sunrise-esque series, and he has an idea for the next installment.

Call Me can be the first chapter of the chronicles of the life of these people that we met in this movie,” he said, “and if the first one is a story of coming of age and becoming a young man, maybe the next chapter will be, what is the position of the young man in the world, what does he want — and what is left a few years later of such an emotional punch that made him who he is?”

Guadagnino also revealed his idea for the first scene in the sequel: “I think Elio [Timothee Chalamet] will be a cinephile, and I’d like him to be in a movie theater watching Paul Vecchiali’s Once More.” That was the first French film to deal with AIDS, a topic that will “be a very relevant part of the story,” according to Guadagnino. (André Aciman’s Call Me By Your Name, the book, takes place in 1987, during the AIDS crisis; the movie is set four years earlier.)

That all sounds really heavy. Hopefully there’s at least some dancing.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)