‘Captain America 4’ Will Treat The New Cap Like Rocky: ‘He’s Going To Be The Underdog In Any Situation’

Directly on the heels of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale (we’re talking mere hours later), Marvel announced that Anthony Mackie‘s Sam Wilson will return in a fourth Captain America movie as the new Star-Spangled Man with the Plan. That announcement was made back in the Spring, and there’s been little mention of it since then, although Marvel has returned to theaters with gangbuster results. But with the MCU movie machine back in working order, producer Nate Moore took a moment away from promoting the Eternals to talk about Captain America 4 and how Sam will be put through the paces, not unlike a certain cinematic boxer. Via Comic Book:

“Because to me, this new Cap is Rocky. He’s going to be the underdog in any situation. He’s not a super soldier. He’s not a hundred years old. He doesn’t have the Avengers. What happens with this guy who announces publicly kind of, without the support, ‘I’m new Captain America.’ What happens next? I think is fascinating because he’s a guy. He’s a guy with wings and a shield, but he is a guy. So, we’re going to put him through the wringer and make him earn it, and see what happens when he is outweighed, outclassed, out-everything.”

According to Moore, Sam will prove to the MCU and audiences that you don’t need super-soldier serum to be Captain America. As for Mackie, he’s clearly ready to tackle the role and has already tried to drop his new Cap into the Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever.

“I have a passport and a Wakanda visa and I’m vaccinated, so I can go to Wakanda,” Mackie joked to Entertainment Tonight back in May.

(Via Comic Book)