Cate Blanchett Seemed Strangely Mystified That Margot Robbie (Or Anyone, Really) Could Love Awesome Heavy Metal Music

Cate Blanchett has spent the last couple months winning award after award for Tár, in which she plays an acclaimed orchestra conductor accused of misconduct. What does Blanchett herself listen to? Probably not Metallica, Judas Priest or Venom.

On a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Blanchett appeared alongside fellow Aussie Margot Robbie. Norton asked Robbie about her misspent youth, specifically if she had a Goth phase. She said she sort of did. It was more of a mix of Goth and emo, although she “listened to only heavy metal music.” She also said she would dye her hair black and only cut it with a razor blade. It’s an interesting unusual combination, but Blanchett, sitting to her right, was more puzzled by the metal part.

“Does anyone like heavy metal music?” asked a confounded Blanchett. “Was that something you genuinely liked?” Robbie said she did and still does. Blanchett then went one curious step further. “Do you like monster trucks and things like that?” Robbie doesn’t, which makes sense: Just because you adore Ratt doesn’t mean you also love to watch giant vehicles running over things and stuff.

Robbie also shared a story about when she was younger, when she was on the Australian soap Neighbours, and seeing the Iowan metal outfit Slipknot. She found herself attracting lots of attention from Slipknot heads who also watched Neighbours — an unexpectedly large Venn Diagram crossover to be sure.

Anyway, someone get Blanchett a copy of Black Sabbath’s Vol. 4 stat. “Supernaut” ought to be a good gateway into metal god-dom.