Cecily Strong Might Be A Key Player In The ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot, If Rumors Are True

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Some new details about the Ghostbusters reboot are surfacing, and while they aren’t exactly confirmed, they sure are a lot of fun if you like to speculate. Film Divider is saying that screenwriter Katie Dippold and Paul Feig have worked out a very “specific” and important role with one person in mind to play her: Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong. Here is what the character description says:

The role is one of the biggest non-Ghostbuster parts aside from the villain. She’s an authority figure who liaises with our heroines, privately backing their activities and acknowledging their legitimacy, but publicly denouncing the group to the media in order to avoid panic amongst the wider populous.

It’s been noted that the characters in this movie are brand new and are completely separate from the original Ghostbusters; there is no “lady Egon” or “lady Venkman,” so there is no way to know exactly how this new character fits in, except that she’s not the Big Bad. She’s also not going to be a “new Janine Melnitz,” a “lady Walter Peck,” nor a “lady Louis Tully,” so at least we know that.

The more warm and fuzzy thing about this story is how deep the connection between Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters still is. Obviously, half of the original Ghostbusters, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, were cast members of the show when it began, and Harold Ramis performed with Bill Murray at Second City. There are now possibly three current SNL players and one former player on board. Then again, I’m a sentimental mush for that stuff.

Source: Film Divider via /Film