‘Channel Zero’ Creator Nick Antosca On The Five Scary Movies You Need To Watch Or Revisit

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Nick Antosca is the co-creator of Hulu’s upcoming true crime anthology series, The Act. He’s also the creator of Channel Zero, Syfy’s horror anthology series (season four premieres Friday, October 26 at 11 pm EST). Prior to that, Antosca wrote on Hanibal and Teen Wolf. He’s also a published author and, unsurprisingly, a horror aficionado. Since this is prime season to revisit horror favorites, we asked Antosca to think back on some of the influences on his career and on the new season of Channel Zero (which, like some of these, will lean heavily on relationship horror) and give us the rundown on some of his go-to horror movies.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead.

Night Of The Living Dead (Amazon)

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George Romero’s zombie classic has stood the test of time despite advances that have improved greatly on the look of zombies in more modern zombified films and shows. What is it that allows it to still resonate?

It’s so elemental. It’s about a group of people who represent a microcosm of society and they are beset by something external that forces them into a pressurized situation. They turn on each other and then they destroy. It’s really powerful social commentary and it’s just terrifying. The black and white cinematography is also so visually striking, it’s almost expressionistic and because of that, because of the very kind of basic low budget style, the effects still work. It still feels gory and real. But part of the effect actually might be because I saw it when I so young. I saw it when I was probably 9 or 10 years old and it was the movie that made me want to tell horror stories.

It Follows (Netflix)


David Robert Mitchell’s ‘It Follows’ has a clear reverence for the horror movies of the past, but there’s something that sets it apart from other horror films that trade on nostalgia.