Charlize Theron Has Revealed Why She’s Never Starred In A Marvel Movie, And She’s Cool With It

Back when the casting buzz for Captain Marvel was in full swing, Charlize Theron was a name that got bounced around a lot, and it made perfect sense. An A-list actress with proven action chops and supermodel looks? How do you lose?

However, while sitting down with Variety to promote her upcoming Netflix film The Old Guard, Theron made a shocking admission. She’s never once been approached by Marvel over the years, which seems like a serious omission on the MCU’s part. Theron has appeared in the Fast and the Furious films, the Alien prequel Prometheus, and the action films Aeon Flux and Mad Max: Fury Road, so it seems odd that Marvel studio head Kevin Feige hasn’t at least dropped her a call to discuss a future collaboration. But according to Theron, she hasn’t heard a peep, and she’s cool with it. She’s doing her own thing:

“I swear to God. I’ve never gotten anything,” the Oscar winner says during an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of the Variety and iHeart podcast “The Big Ticket.” “No, I’m not lying to you. But that’s okay. You know what? I am paving my own way. I’m creating my own opportunities. So it’s alright.”

Theron truly is paving her own way, and in an ironic twist, she’s actually poised to dominate the comic book movie conversation this weekend, since Marvel and DC delayed the releases of Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984. With the chances of movie theaters reopening soon looking grimmer by the day, Theron’s The Old Guard has a wide-open chance to run the table and deliver the action blockbuster of the summer. If Theron didn’t have Marvel’s attention before, we’re guessing she will very soon.

The Old Guard starts streaming on Netflix on July 10.

(Via Variety)