Check Out 12-Year-Old Ryan Gosling Tearing Up The Dance Floor In These Vintage Clips

We’re all well aware of Ryan Gosling‘s talented childhood exploits, notably his time on Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club. But the kid had to start somewhere and that kind of entertainment skill doesn’t just sprout up overnight.

These clips uploaded by Facebook user Shaun Swire gives us a little look back at just how young Gosling was when he started dancing and singing his way into the heart of girls everywhere. They hit Facebook on Friday and plenty have seen them since then, including Gosling himself:

You can check out the videos in all of their glory below. One features Gosling driving what appears to be a Power Wheels car on stage, leading into a leather jacket fueled version of “Hound Dog.” The other trades in the greaser look for a more “modern” take with ‘Hammer’ Pants and an Ace of Base cover band (I guess). This kid would go on to threaten a man with a hammer and smash another man’s face to mush in Drive. The only true Baby Goose.

(Via Shaun Swire / MTV News)