Chris Evans Playing Piano In A Big, Comfy Sweater Is Apparently What The World Needed Right Now

Chris Evans is no stranger to setting the internet’s loins on fire, but this time, he did it without even taking off his shirt (or all of his clothes). In fact, the Captain America actor’s chunky sweater plays an integral part in his latest viral moment that’s leaving folks with all kinds of feelings. It all started with Evans dropping a video of his piano skills in his Instagram Stories, and it didn’t take long before social media was fanning itself as the musical clip quickly bounced around Twitter. Maybe it’s the pandemic conditions, the contentious presidential election that doesn’t seem to want to end, or the simple matter of Evans being a downright snack, but people are here for him tickling the ivory and they aren’t shy about it.

Here are just some of the reactions, which fair warning, only get hornier as they go on:

But people weren’t just thirsting for Captain America getting classical in a comfy sweater. They were getting downright emotional at the pure beauty of it all. No man should be this delightful!

That said, it also didn’t take long for everyone to remember that time Evans did a shirtless backflip, and we’re back in Horny Town.

Evans has yet to react to the thirst parade being launched in his honor, but the Marvel star is an expert at flipping social media attention into a good cause. After he accidentally posted a nude photo to Instagram back in September, and nearly broke the internet in the process, Evans used the viral moment to encourage people to vote. Two months later, America saw its highest turnout ever for a presidential election. Are the two related? Who’s to say?

(Via Chris Evans on Instagram)

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