Chris Hemsworth Is Apparently The Subject Of The Silliest Backlash Surrounding His Son’s Birthday Cake And A Prank

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky recently celebrated their twin sons’ birthdays, and the couple commemorated the moment with what is pretty clearly a sweet, innocent prank. In a photo shared to Instagram by the Thor star, Pataky can be seen playfully smashing one of her son’s faces into a chocolate cake as the whole family looks on and/or adds a helping hand.

“Happy 9th birthday to my two little men!” Hemsworth wrote in the caption. “Only one way to eat cake in this house and that’s to have mum slam your head into it face first!! ‘Hey mum I don’t like chocolate cake I prefer vanilla’ ‘oh really son, what about now?'”

The photo is about as wholesome of a family photo as it gets, but of course, the internet had to be the internet. Hemsworth and Pataky actually started getting backlash in the comments from fans who clearly hate joy and laughter.

Via Page Six:

“Why people smash their kid’s face in the cake is above my understanding but whatever,” one critic wrote in the comment section.

“Why do people think this is funny?” another wrote, before a third added, “It’s so violent.”

“In my country [this is] done, but it’s very poorly [looked upon] because several accidents have already happened,” a fourth chimed in.

Fortunately, other fans began pushing back and defending the playful moment.

“Violent? It’s a bit of play,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Just a bit of basic humor….. they look like they are having a good time together.”

Meanwhile, another comment (via People) was here for Hemsworth slipping into full on Dad mode.

“That is a proud dad stance right there,” a fan wrote about the Marvel star looking approvingly at the birthday chaos unfolding.

(Via Page Six, People)