Chris Hemsworth Shared His Most Ridiculously Jacked Photo Yet From The Set Of ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’

In the lead up to Thor: Love and Thunder starting production, Chris Hemsworth showed off his workout routine and made it clear that the “Lebowski Thor” look from Avengers: Endgame is buried in the past. The actor already looked completely ripped for the Marvel film, but apparently, there was still more shredding to do and he kept on bulking up. As filming began, Hemsworth’s body double had to pull him aside and basically warn the actor that he was getting so jacked that his double was having trouble matching his muscles. “He’s the biggest though he’s ever been, so I have to be the biggest I’ve ever been, which is a challenge but I’m up for it,” Bobby Holland Hanton told the New Zealand Herald.

And, now, with Hemsworth’s latest photo commemorating Thor: Love and Thunder wrapping production, Hanton’s claim that the Thor star is the biggest he’s ever been is looking like the gospel truth. Just check out those arms.

Last week, Hemsworth shared a photo of himself taking his son for a walk, and lamenting that the boy wants to grow up to be Superman, and the actor’s arms looked ridiculously ripped. It was probably the most ripped those guns have ever been, and yet somehow, this latest pic is even more jacked. Is this why there’s a chicken shortage? Is Chris Hemsworth eating all the chickens to fuel his super swole arms? That might be something to look into.

(Via Chris Hemsworth on Instagram)