Chris Hemsworth Joins Chris Evans In Praising A Young Hero And Welcoming Him To The Avengers Team

Outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are villains out there that are no less devastating than, say, the Chitauri or Ultron when it comes to wreaking havoc on life as we know it. Even closer to home, threats to life and limb arrive on a daily basis, and only true heroes will come to the rescue. That was the case — as recognized by Chris Evans while channeling Captain America — of a six-year-old boy named Bridger, who saved his sister’s life from a dog attack but walked away with 90 stitches in the process. Now, Chris Hemsworth is pulling out his mightiest Thor presence to send a message to the boy as well.

Evans previously vowed to send Bridger his own authentic Captain America shield while praising the young boy as “so brave and so selfless,” and on Hemsworth’s Instagram stories, via ComicBook, Hemsworth recognized that Bridger did something that few people would do for anyone else. And he extended the virtual Thor hammer to invite Bridger as an honorary Avenger:

“I just want to say, mate, you’re an absolute inspiration. Your courage is beyond belief and we are all so impressed by you, and we’re thinking of you. I know you’re an Avengers fan and so myself and all the team, we’d be honored to have you on the team, and we love you and we’re sending you our support. Stay strong and we’ll talk to you soon, mate.”

Bridger might be the most powerful Avenger of all. Watch Hemsworth’s message below.