Chris Messina Thinks There’s Only One Correct Answer For The ‘Best Chris’ In Hollywood

As you decide whether or not to watch the debate tonight between Donald Trump and Joe Biden (there’s always the bad football game instead), let’s take a moment to remember the other important debate of the week: the Chrises. The universally-decided contenders are Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt, but now that the Guardians of the Galaxy star has been named the consensus “worst Chris” (an unfair moniker, his Marvel co-stars claim), maybe it’s time to replace him with another Chris.

Chris Messina, perhaps.

If the criteria for becoming An Official Chris is being handsome, talented, and in superhero movies: he’s three for three. He’s also good in romantic comedies (You’ve Got Mail), sitcoms (The Mindy Project), morbid dramas (Six Feet Under), and whatever the heck The Newsroom was (The Newsroom). But does he think he belongs among the Chrises? When asked by the Cut whether he’s heard of the Chris List, Messina replied, “Yes. And I think there’s only really one Chris… and that’s Christopher Walken.”

Messina belongs in the Chris Club for that answer alone. Walken, too. Obviously.

They should compare dance moves.

Anyway, to recap, the new Chrises are: Walken, Messina, Pine (my personal favorite of the original four), and Lloyd. Show Doc Brown some love.

(Via the Cut)