Chris Pratt Is Being Light-Heartedly Trolled By A ‘Guardians’ Co-Star Over The ‘Best-Worst Chris’ Debate

For a brief, shining moment, Chris Pratt finally wasn’t the “Worst Chris” after dominating the Marvel universe in the AGBO Fantasy Football League. However, it didn’t take long for his Guardians of the Galaxy co-star, Pom Klementieff, to drop in on Pratt’s victory with a light-hearted troll. Klementieff, who played Mantis in the second Guardians film along with Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, praised Pratt for his win by sharing a photo of herself reading a book with his face on it. Except the title says, “The One and Only Hemsworth.”

“Congrats Chris on winning the superhero fantasy football league!” Klementieff wrote on Instagram. “So proud of you. I will re-read my favourite book ever, in your honor. Yay!”

You can see Klementieff’s Instagram post below:

Pratt’s victory in the AGBO Fantasy Football League was announced on Monday night by Marvel directors Anthony and Joe Russo, who organized the event that saw Pratt and other MCU heavy-hitters like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, and Tom Holland compete against each other for charity. Thanks to Pratt’s win, the Special Olympics Washington will now receive a $150,000 check.

In the lead-up to his victory, Pratt surprisingly acknowledged being dubbed by Twitter as the “Worst Chris” back in October. The actor had ignored the controversy, opting instead to let his wife and Marvel co-stars defend him. But when Pratt made his way to the finals just before the holidays, he couldn’t help but have some fun with the social media scandal.

“I’m in the finals! How did this happen? It’s a 14-man league. I had 14th draft pick. You know how hard that is?” Pratt said in an Instagram video. “I guess we can finally put an end to that debate of who’s the better Chris? (whispering) It’s one of them.”

(Via Pom Klementieff on Instagram)