Chris Rock Says ‘The Interview’ Will Definitely Be Released At Some Point

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With all the fanfare from Stephen Colbert’s huge night last night, we nearly overlooked Chris Rock’s excellent interview on The Daily Show. Rock came on to promote his new movie Top Five, and when Jon Stewart hinted at whether or not they were expecting a better turnout due to a certain “hole in the movie theater schedule,” he jokes that his movie is “very Korean friendly” and that almost no Koreans were killed in the making of it.

Rock says, in all honesty, that he can’t wait to see The Interview. And as for whether or not he thinks it’ll come out eventually — he points out that you can probably already get it on 125th Street right now. Fair point, and I have to agree with him. Whether it’s a month or a year or when Kim Jong Un finally gets overthrown, a studio can’t keep wraps on a huge movie like that forever, can they?