A Texas Department Accidentally Sent Out An Amber Alert For ‘Child’s Play’ Killer Doll Chucky

As far as killer dolls go, Chucky is the GOAT (sorry not sorry, Annabelle). The lil’ knife-wielding, overalls-wearing maniac has appeared in eight movies, from 1988’s Child’s Play to 2019’s reboot with Aubrey Plaza and Mark Hamill, and will star in an upcoming television show, too. He also recently confused a whole lot of people in Texas.

The New York Times reports that the Texas Department of Public Safety sent out an Amber Alert last week notifying residents that a child had been abducted by a 28-year-old male with red or auburn hair and blue eyes. Also, he’s a doll. The additional information reads, “Blue denim overalls with multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt wielding a huge kitchen knife,” but nowhere does it mention that the alert was the “result of a test malfunction.”

The department later apologized “for the confusion this may have caused” and said they are “diligently working to ensure this does not happen again,” so the next time you get an Amber Alert for a fictional murder doll (this happens all the time), just know that it didn’t come from the Texas Department of Public Safety. But the weirdest/creepiest detail of all: Chucky’s five-year-old abductee was his son, Glen, who was introduced in Seed of Chucky.

The alert said that Chucky and Glen were last seen at a residential address in Henderson, Texas, a city about 130 miles southeast of Dallas. A woman who answered a call to a phone number associated with that address on Wednesday said, “Yes, I’m aware” when asked about the alert before hanging up.

Meanwhile, the Bride of Chucky is still on the loose.

(Via the New York Times)