Chucky Apparently Kills Annabelle In A New ‘Child’s Play’ Poster

Warner Bros.

An evil doll showdown between Child’s Play‘s Chucky and The Conjuring universe’s Annabelle might sound like a joke, but Chucky’s taking the matter all too seriously. Perhaps that’s to be expected, given that the homicidal Good Guy toy arrived in theaters last week, and another horrific doll is already poised (posed?) to steal his box-office thunder. Actually, Annabelle Comes Home will easily wipe Child’s Play off the map and do so without moving a ceramic muscle. Chucky’s not happy about this, and the competitive little bugger already killed Woody from Toy Story 4, so here’s his followup move — a poster depicting what appears to be a headless Annabelle toy inside his case with a grinning, telltale reflection in the broken glass.

Orion Pictures

Yikes. Chucky’s not messing around, and although the “bloodied” doll wears a different dress than Annabelle does, well, there’s no mistaking his Warner Bros. target. And one can’t blame him for taking one last stab, given that the first Annabelle pulled in $257 million globally, and Annabelle Creation followed up with $306 million. Whereas the Child’s Play reboot has managed $15 million so far and probably won’t crank that much higher. Don’t feel too bad for Chucky, though. Even if he doesn’t come back for more in reboot form, he always finds a way to rise from the ashes. Literally.