Constance Wu Tears Into The Academy Awards For Nominating Casey Affleck

Manchester By The Sea star Casey Affleck may have been pleased with today’s Oscar nomination slate, but Constance Wu was far from delighted to see his name there. His Academy Awards presence prompted the Fresh Off The Boat actress to speak out about the decision to honor Affleck with a nomination as sexual misconduct allegations hang over his head.

Wu, who has had no problem calling out developments she considers bullsh*t, expressed her displeasure on Twitter. She sees a parallel between Affleck emerging unscathed from these claims and President Donald Trump’s rise to power.

“He’s running for an award that honors a craft whose purpose is examining the dignity of the human experience & young women are deeply human,” notes Wu.

She does concede that being vocal about the issue could result in backlash, but Wu stresses that she ranks his career lower on the priority scale when it comes to sexual harassment and the dignity of those that report this behavior.

As the hype machine surrounding the Academy Awards kicks into gear, the question looms as to whether or not the accusations levelled against Casey Affleck will receive more attention. If Constance Wu has her way, the answer will definitely be yes.