Dana Carvey Has Forgiven Mike Myers For Apparently Stealing His Lorne Michaels Impression For Dr. Evil

On Wednesday, comedian Dana Carvey revealed to Howard Stern that, after years spent mulling it over in therapy, he had forgiven former Saturday Night Live colleague Mike Myers for allegedly stealing an impression from him. Specifically, Myers had apparently lifted certain aspects of Carvey’s famous impression of SNL boss Lorne Michaels for the Dr. Evil character in the Austin Powers movies. “We never really talked about it,” Carvey told Stern. “I’ve basically let it go.”

The pair initially buried the hatchet in 2013 for a Wayne’s World reunion hosted by Michaels, but it became a news item again three years later when, during a previous interview for The Howard Stern Show, the host asked Carvey about it. “When I saw Mike do it [in the first Austin Powers], I did kind of go, hmm,” he said during the 2016 exchange. “Look, it’s a really funny affectation because it’s so specific.” Myers, for his part, did admit that Michaels was a part of his Dr. Evil during a 2017 interview, but wouldn’t say he’d lifted the specifics from Carvey’s original impression.

Even so, it seems that Carvey is letting bygones be bygones. “There are a lot of moments in my life I wish I was more directly straightforward,” he said, adding that he hasn’t even confronted Myers directly about the issue. When Stern asked him if he wanted to do it “now,” however, Carvey joked, “I would like to do that on national radio.”

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)