‘Nope’ Star Daniel Kaluuya’s Ridiculous Description Of ‘Get Out’ Shows Why Its So Hard To Explain Jordan Peele’s Movies

It can be hard for some actors to describe a film from a notoriously cryptic writer or director, like Kristen Stewart trying to explain the plot of Crimes Of The Future, or anything Nathan Fielder does. It’s even harder for movies that sound simple but are way deeper than audiences expect (see: Get Out, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, which has many unusual twists and turns and terrifying cereal scenes). Daniel Kaluuya, who starred in both Get Out and the upcoming Nope says that the movie simply cannot be explained.

While speaking at CultureCon, Kaluuya said that the upcoming thriller is “to be experienced, not to be described.” Well said! When asked to explain further, Kaluuya used Get Out as an example of how Peele’s movies defy genre and plot explanations. “It’s not hard, because it’s hard to describe. ‘Uh, I met a girl, I go to her house, and I’ve got to get out of her house.'” That is…true.

Kaluuya didn’t give any plot details but did shout out his co-star Keke Palmer and her acting chops. “Keke’s a star,” he said, “It’s awesome to work with someone so high-energy. On nights you don’t feel like doing it, I’m like chugging espresso beans and she’s high on life.” That’s the former Nickelodeon star in her.

Palmer and Kaluuya play estranged siblings who reunite on their family’s horse ranch after their father’s death. “They’re estranged. He’s disappointed in her. she’s sick of him,” he said of their relationship. “But there’s this bond that you have each other’s back no matter what bullsh*t happens.” It seems like there will be a lot of Bullsh*t.

Nope opens in theaters on July 22nd.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)