Danny Trejo Confirms That ‘Machete’ Will Not Win The Cinematic Space Race

Space is the next frontier in the action movie realm, with the Fast And Furious franchise seemingly headed to the outer reaches of Earth’s gravitational pull if you like to read the tea leaves of interviews with Ludacris. With Tom Cruise apparently headed to space to actually film a movie, it seems a genuine space race is on five decades after the United States won the first space race in reaching the moon.

But despite a very literal goal to reach space for another action star — Danny Trejo’s Machete — it doesn’t seem like he will win the Hollywood space race anytime soon. Trejo sat down with Discussing Film to, well, talk about the 10th anniversary of Machete and how our perception of time is increasingly warped in this reality. They also discuss the much-hyped but not very written Machete Kills Again… In Space, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be making much progress right now.

The movie has been rumored to be in the works for years, and it was given the “Coming Attractions” treatment in the Machete sequel — 2013’s Machete Kills Again — but there hasn’t been much progress in the years since. In the interview, he joked that if director Robert Rodriguez “would ever get off his ass, he’d write Machete Kills in Space!” then joked again that he might just write it himself. So it certainly doesn’t sound like Machete is winning the space race. In fact, Rodriguez and his Machete haven’t even spoken in a while according to the movie’s star.

You know I haven’t spoken to Robert in a while. He’s been really busy and I’ve been busy. Maybe I’ll call him, see what’s up. But I haven’t talked to Robert for a while. He kind of dumped me I think… I got too big (laughs). He’s great. But he’s busy, he’s got six kids. That will keep you busy. His kids are wonderful too.

Hopefully he hasn’t really “dumped” Trejo, as fans are certainly eager for the final movie of what’s likely a trilogy. The rest of the interview is delightful, with Trejo reveling in killing Steven Segal in an already-existing Machete and working on the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie. For fans of his Grindhouse work, though, these are all just distractions until the real work can begin in orbit.

[via Discussing Film]