Five Straight Hours Of The Darth Vader Yule Log Will Warm Up Your Holiday Season

You may have thought you were all set for the holiday season when the glory that is the Nick Offerman yule log video was released. But no, something even better has come along that might be even more seasonally appropriate. Just in time for the premiere of the long-awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakenssomebody made a 5-hour loop of Darth Vader burning on the pyre for all of your holiday background vibe needs. Courtesy of Vulture comes an early Christmas gift and one that is sure to bring every Star Wars-loving family together this holiday season.

Have a family that is notoriously against burning logs for some reason? Burn Vader instead. Trying to set the mood with someone who you know is really into Luke having to set fire to his own father’s corpse? Burn Vader! Have a friend who’s just weirdly into funeral pyres? Burn Vader. And maybe also reconsider that friendship. No matter what the occasion this December, remembering one of the most emotional moments of Return of the Jedi is a surefire way (pun intended) to make your entire holiday season merry and bright.

(Via Vulture)