Clarification: Daniel Craig Did Not ‘Run Away’ After Accidentally Breaking Dave Bautista’s Nose (Which He Still Totally Did)

Daniel Craig recently revealed that he did something truly heinous: He punched Dave Bautista in the nose. It was an accident, a misfire that happened while they were shooting a knock-down, drag-out fight scene in the previous Bond outing, Spectre. Craig claimed he did what all of us would do if we accidentally punched a former wrestler in the snout: He ran away. But Bautista himself is not so sure he agrees 100 percent with his police work.

“He did not run!!!” Bautista claimed on Twitter a day after the story went viral. “He started screaming ‘F*ck I broke his nose!! And he did.” But instead of the now ex-007 making a break for it, Bautista says he hugged him, apologized, and they laughed. “I changed clothes, shoved TP up my nose and we continued to make one of the best fight scenes ever.”

Craig made the claim during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, where he told the story slightly differently, perhaps to make himself seem worse, as per IndieWire:

“I threw a punch and hit him on the nose,” Craig said. “I heard this crack and I was like ‘Oh God no’ and ran away. I thought he was going to come after me, but he was so sweet.”

Craig said that Bautista set his nose back in place and production continued, adding, “He’s a lot tougher than I am. I’ll give him that.”

So the lesson: If you accidentally break Dave Bautista’s nose while shooting a fake fight for a blockbuster movie, don’t run. Instead, give him a hug. Although maybe that only applies to Daniel Craig.

In the meantime, the long-delayed No Time to Die — Craig’s swan song as 007 — will finally hit theaters on October 8.