The Cast Of ‘Dazed And Confused’ Are Reuniting For A Live Script Reading To Raise Money For Charity

Live script readings have become one of the more popular forms of quarantine entertainment, with old casts reuniting over Zoom, usually with some special guests, and usually to raise money for charity. The Princess Bride got one. So did Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Now, as per Entertainment Weekly, the same is happening to another modern classic with a sprawling cast: Dazed and Confused.

Richard Linklater’s time piece, about a night in the life of high schoolers — plus an openly pervy slightly older dude, played by Matthew McConaughey — wasn’t a hit upon release. Instead it’s one of the movies, like The Big Lebowski, The Boondock Saints, and many more, that gained its audience on home video.

About two dozen of Dazed and Confused’s huge name cast will participate in the reunion, among them McConaughey, Parker Posey, Anthony Rapp, Adam Goldberg, Wiley Wiggins, and, of course, Ben Affleck, who played the most hissable character, who luckily gets his comeuppance. Patton Oswalt will moderate a Q&A afterwards. Will anyone do anything as entertaining as Shia LaBeouf toking his way through the Fast Times read? You can find out on October 11. The night’s chosen charities, incidentally, include March for Science and the Voto Latino Foundation’s campaign to promote voting in Texas. You can donate here.

(Via EW)