‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch On The Future Of ‘Deadpool’ At Disney


In August, David Leitch’s Hobbs & Shaw, the first spinoff from the Fast & Furious franchise, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, will hit theaters. (And we will have much more with Leitch coming up about that movie.) But, obviously, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, and Marvel just releasing their upcoming slate for the next two years, a lot of people are wondering how and where Deadpool fits into all this. Marvel has hinted they still plan on using Deadpool at some point – and Deadpool’s meta-commentary could prove quite useful – so we asked Leitch about what he knows. And it sounds like he’s still trying to get some answers himself.

So with everything going on with Fox going to Disney, do they keep you in the loop on Deadpool? Or an idea of what the plan is?

I don’t, honestly. And it’s not for my lack of trying. And I also want to give – I’m just giving everybody their time.

True, it is a recent event.

It is. And I know Marvel announced their slate and I think people were like, “Deadpool’s not on it.” I would never say never. And I think, obviously, he’s such a beloved character and it’s such a compelling world people want to go back. And I think they will find a way to do it. But I’m just being patient and let everybody take a breath and see how it works for them in the new Marvel, Disney world. And, hopefully, I’ll get the call. And that would be cool.

It just seems the meta aspect of Deadpool is perfect for reintroducing those former Fox-owned characters…

I totally agree. And what’s great about Deadpool, like you kind of just said, you can put him in with any one of those characters, or an ensemble of those characters, and it just sort of magnifies what you’re doing. It adds another layer. So that’s probably one aspect that they are entertaining, and hopefully they are entertaining more ideas as well.

And I think they know people want this.

And, honestly, I’m sure there are people who want it more than me, but it would be hard-pressed to find them. I love that world. I love working with Ryan. I love that character, Deadpool. So, fingers crossed we get to bring another installment to life.

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