Denis Villeneuve Wanted Timothée Chalamet To Star In ‘Dune’ Because Of ‘That Insane Charisma’

Dune is one of the most-anticipated movies of 2020, assuming it comes out in 2020. As for now, director Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up to Blade Runner 2049 starring Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, and high school locker dreamboat Timothée Chalamet is set to come out on December 18, which should give you enough time to finish Frank Herbert’s book. Maybe.

If you do decide to read it, be sure to picture Chalamet, not Kyle MacLachlan, as protagonist Paul Atreides. Villeneuve knew that the Little Women star was the right choice to play the character for “several reasons,” the Arrival filmmaker said during a chat for the Shanghai International Film Festival. “He is a phenomenal actor. He is someone that has a lot of depth, someone that is very mature for his age because Paul Atreides is an old soul in a young body, and Timothée has that… Also, he has features that remind me of old school Hollywood stars. He’s a real movie star. He has that insane charisma. Insane charisma. You put Timothée in front of a camera and it’s an explosion.”

In other words, Chalamet’s acting is hella tight.

Villeneuve also compared Momoa to a “ballet dancer when he fights,” complimented Ferguson for being a “great artist,” and called Isaac “very hunky.” Oh wait, that was me. Villeneuve said he’s “one of the best actors working today.” Both can be true.

(Via Collider)