Here’s What ‘The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien Looks Like After His On-Set Injury

Dylan O’Brien has been avoiding the spotlight while recovering from his injuries which occurred on the set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure on March 17 this year when a stunt vehicle slowed too quickly, yanking his harness and pulling him off the back of a second stunt vehicle. He suffered a “concussion, facial fracture, and lacerations,” with the full extent of the injuries mostly a mystery and some of the rumors being particularly bleak. The film was pushed back nearly a year amid rumors that O’Brien’s face might look very different.

Now a Jamba Juice employee, Vanessa Denegri, recognized the actor and snagged a photo with him, and he looks… um… exactly the same. Except with a beard. He doesn’t even look like he’s had a facial injury, which is great news for him, his family, his fans, his agent, 20th Century Fox, and just everyone who likes to stare at cute guys. (And before anyone comments, “but his smile is crooked,” yeah, Google how he smiled before March. Same dude.)

Dylan O’Brien and his fancy new neckbeard clearly made a retail worker’s day when he ordered a “Kale-ribbean Breeze,” which is a thing that apparently exists.

O’Brien’s latest movie, Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg, premieres at TIFF next month. We’ll wait and see if he attends, with or without the scraggly hobo beard.

(Via Vanessa Denegri and ONTD)