The ‘Entourage’ Movie Is Exactly What You Thought It Was Going To Be

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In 2004, The Killers released Hot Fuss, a still pretty good album that is one of those cultural signifiers that doesn’t feel like it happened 11 years ago. Yet, at the time it was released, George W. Bush was still in his first term… so, yeah, that was a long time ago. (Though, “Mr. Brightside” still seems to get a lot of radio airplay and is still on a lot of playlists at New York City bars.) To put this in perspective, we are just as far away from the release of Hot Fuss as Hot Fuss was away from Nirvana’s In Utero. (This also means, right now, we are just as far away from In Utero as it was from Led Zeppelin IV… I’m going to stop now because this game is depressing and pointless.)

In the opening credits of the entire eight-season run of Entourage, there’s a billboard promoting the release of Hot Fuss, “coming June 15th.” By the time Entourage finished its run in 2011, I always wondered why they left that Hot Fuss billboard so prominently noticeable. It really drove home that this was a show that already felt like it was from another time. In the Entourage movie, the opening credits still exist – and are still presented to the sounds of Jane’s Addiction’s “Superhero” – only they’ve been updated for the film, using a host of new and different Los Angeles cultural landmarks to serve as a placeholder for the names in the cast. The sign for Hot Fuss is gone. There’s no longer a physical reminder that this is a show from a long time ago. The problem is, Entourage is such a product of a bygone era, it should have just kept the sign. Its entire soundtrack should have only been songs off of Hot Fuss.

Hot Fuss

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