Ethan Suplee Is Now ‘Jacked As F*ck’ And Unrecognizable After Dropping A Massive Amount Of Weight

Everyone tends to flock to a good “jacking,” meaning when an actor gets seriously ripped and shows off the transformation on social media. The most recently lauded case would be Kumail Nanjiani getting seriously ripped after joining the MCU’s The Eternals. Of course, Nanjiani’s process involved piling on some pounds, whereas the latest eye-popping metamorphosis — of Ethan Suplee — goes in the other direction. Suplee, of course, is known for dozens of roles in wide-ranging products, including My Name Is Earl, Remember The Titans, and Butterfly Effect. Those who have watched his performances for a few decades definitely wouldn’t recognize him on the street today.

Suplee has been extremely candid on his about his struggles with weight while admitting that he’s lost and re-gained 1000 pounds here and there over the course of his life. That pattern was largely due to his reliance on fad diets like Keto, Atkins, and the like, which is a subject of discussion for his newly launched American Glutton podcast. Yet now, he’s no longer resorting to unsustainable diets but retooling his body the old-fashioned way: by revamping his eating habits and hitting the iron. Hard.

None of this can ever happen overnight, of course. It’s a long road to being able to benchpress 400 lbs, as Suplee can do now. Here he is on Instagram, showing off the ongoing process eight weeks ago. His caption includes “jacked as f*ck,” and he comes by that claim honestly with more photos to follow.

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