Richard Linklater’s ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Is Every Bit As Good As ‘Dazed And Confused’

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03.11.16 10 Comments
Everybody Wants Some Review


Everybody Wants Some!!, the new film by Richard Linklater, is being billed as Linklater’s “spiritual sequel” to his 1993 classic, Dazed and Confused. As it turns out, this is an accurate description. None of the characters are the same, but it’s the same thing: kids hangin’ out. In Dazed and Confused, it was a bunch of high school kids over the course of one day; in Everybody Wants Some!!, it’s a bunch of college kids over the course of three days.

Everybody Wants Some!! has no plot. I couldn’t spoil this movie for you if I tried. There are no great revelations or any twists and turns. Plot is overrated. Have you ever watched a movie and really enjoyed the first few minutes when it’s just the characters hanging out and you really like these characters and you just want to watch them hang out – then the plot starts? (When’s the last time you watched Weekend at Bernie’s? The whole first act takes place in New York City and it’s great because not much is happening, but the characters are fun. Then the plot kicks in.) Everybody Wants Some is a lot like one of those types of movies, only the plot never kicks in. (Yes, a lot like Dazed and Confused.)

I think I can sum up the plot in one sentence, so let’s try: It’s the Friday before classes start on Monday at a Texas college in 1980 and the school’s baseball team moves into their campus housing and wants to have some fun before Sunday practice. I did it. That’s it. It’s fantastic. I could watch another 10 hours of these people hanging out.

Everybody Wants Some!! is a weird movie to watch for the first time, because you know you’re going to be watching it dozens of more times over the course of your life and you will be immensely familiar with all of these characters. But, this first time, you are not. So, instead of trying to weave in all the characters’ names into narrative paragraphs that you won’t understand anyway, let’s just break down some of the major characters (but not all because neither of us have all day) one by one. Consider this your prep guide before seeing the film:

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