The Hot Dog Fingers From ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Are Spring’s Hottest Fashion Accessory

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a genuine hit at the box office — and a fashion inspiration. In one of the multiverse realities in the Daniels’ mind-bender, Michelle Yeoh has hot dog fingers. If you haven’t seen the movie and are confused by that sentence, what are you doing? Go see it. If you have seen the movie, then you’ll want to get your non-hot dog hands on a pair of hot dog finger gloves. Unfortunately, they’re sold out on A24’s website, but Andrew Garfield got his, and he’s been showing them off.

While walking the red carpet at the Met Gala, Yeoh was asked by the Cut what she thought of Garfield’s hot dog-flavored water, I mean, fingers. “Oh my God! I love him!” she said. “Can you imagine? I had been watching his interviews that he’s doing for Under the Banner of Heaven, and he’s sitting there asking his costar, ‘Have you seen Everything Everywhere?’ And he goes, ‘No.’ ‘Then you have to go see it.’ He talks about our film and walks out with the hot dog fingers. I love him. I love him.”

Podcaster Jamie Loftus is also a fan:

Hot Dog Fingers Twitter is the only good genre of Twitter:

You can buy your own pair when they go back on sale here. Could the butt plug be next?

(Via EW)