Every Easter Egg And Reference You Likely Missed In ‘Fantastic Four’

Normally I would preface this with a spoiler warning, but I wonder if that even matters at this point. The new Fantastic Four movie seems to be a bit of a disaster at the box office and the response from the folks who saw it isn’t helping matters any. But look, this was a Marvel Comics film, there’s some history here and that brings the references and Easter eggs.

Even better, it allows us a moment to look at what got referenced and screwed up in this film. That doesn’t include Doctor Doom since we already covered him right before the movie hit theaters, but it does include references to all your favorite Fantastic Four trademarks. The Thing’s catchphrase is in there, Latveria makes an appearance on a map, Tim Blake Nelson’s character is apparently an ode to The Mole Man and Johnny Storm does say “flame on.”

There’s even references to outside pop culture standards, like that fire flower on Johnny Storm’s rearview mirror, the use of a CGI chimp from Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, and an appearance by Homer Simpson voice actor Dan Castellaneta. Those last two are reaches, I’m sure, but look at the movie we’re talking about here. We have to take what we can get.

(Via Mr Sunday Movies)