How The Director Of ‘Fist Fight’ Got Ice Cube To Be In The Movie

Richie Keen, the director of the new movie Fist Fight, sat down with Fandemonium to discuss his career, John Hughes, and most importantly, how he secured Ice Cube to star in the film. OK, so it’s a role where Cube gets to act tough and potentially beat up Charlie Day, but it still might have been a tough sell, right?

In the video above, Keen talks about how he’s become a “golden god” in the entertainment industry, which means that while he may not be a recognizable name, he’s directed episodes of New Girl, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and many more recognizable shows. He modestly suggests that while he isn’t the most talented guy out there, he’s had to outwork the competition to secure work and become a “multi-hyphenate.” While Fist Fight is a “loose remake” of Three O’Clock High — a 1987 teen comedy itself inspired by the classic Western High Noon — Keen shares that it’s also an R-rated sendup to John Hughes’ classic ’80s teen films, his inspiration to become a director in the first place. Finally, he reveals how he got “Mr. Cube” to sign onto the movie, and it involved a flight to Atlanta, a hotel lobby, and expletives. Which definitely sounds fitting for winning him over.