Fred Willard’s Death Sparked Touching Tributes Throughout Hollywood

The death of Fred Willard on Saturday sparked an outpouring of grief from those who knew him and the many that loved his roles in various shows and movies over the years. News broke of the actor’s passing Saturday at the age of 86, leaving behind a strong career and countless people to share touching stories and memories of the man known by many for his hapless and hilarious characters.

Willard’s death turned social media into a parade of his great moments on film — a personal favorite is his brilliant dog show commentator role from Best In Show. But more than just his roles, many in Hollywood shared warm memories of Willard on set and away from his work as news of his death spread.

Steve Carell, who himself has played a number of clueless comedic roles in his career, called Willard the “funniest person” he ever worked with.

Others soon shared similar sentiments and memories of their time with Willard.

Jamie Lee Curtis shared a scene from Best In Show in her post memorializing Willard.

As Saturday carried on and news of his passing spread, it became clear that the actor played far bigger a role in Hollywood than the smalltime characters he often portrayed on screen.

Many shared some terribly funny stories about Willard as well, something he would certainly appreciate.

Stories like this are a little of why Willard was so beloved by so many, and will be remembered for years to come.