The Ending Of ‘Free Guy’ Wound Up Changing After The Disney-Fox Merger Gave Them Access To New Toys

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the ending of Free Guy. Proceed accordingly.

When Disney absorbed Fox back in 2019, the already massive super company got itself even more new toys. They didn’t just get a massive back catalogue and a bunch of popular IPs. They also inherited some movies that were still in production. One of them was Free Guy, the action-packed Ryan Reynolds comedy that opened atop the box office this weekend, and which is already getting a sequel. And the merger actually wound up dramatically changing the ending of the film.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Shaun Levy says the general idea behind the climax stayed the same: Our hero winds up fighting an upgraded version of himself, with access to all the weapons in the game’s realm. But after the merger, all of a sudden they had, well, a lot more weapons. Which is to say, they could get their hands on doodads from anything Disney owned.

And so when Guy starts arming himself against his upgraded clone, he, as per EW, “whips out a lightsaber, Hulk fists, and Captain America’s shield as weapons against Dude. That last one comes with a cameo by Captain America actor himself Chris Evans.”

They also got access to Fortnite’s rainbow unicorn mace. One thing that they wound up not using was the gun Josh Brolin’s Cable uses in Deadpool 2…starring Ryan Reynolds.

It’s not unlike what happens in Space Jam: A New Legacy, which lets Looney Tunes characters hobnob with anything owned by parent company Warner Media. Aren’t you glad we’re all very aware of which media company owns which IP?

(Via EW)