Gal Gadot Is Set To Play One Of Disney’s Most Fearsome Villains In Their Live-Action Remake Of ‘Snow White’

Disney has been in the live-action remake game for a while now, having realized they can make far, far more money redoing their animated classics rather than simply re-releasing them, as they use to do for decades. But so far they’ve avoided the one that started it all: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first major feature-length animated movie, and the one that took Walt and company next-level. A remake was announced back in 2016, but only now does it appear it be in motion. To wit: They’ve just found their Evil Queen. (And yes, that’s her name.)

As per Deadline, Gal Gadot will take the role of the jealous queen who orders a huntsman to deliver unto her the literal heart of the fairest maiden in the land (to be played by the West Side Story remake’s Rachel Zegler). It will be a rare villainous turn for the Israeli actress, who tends to play heroes like Wonder Woman and the Fast/Furious cycle’s late Gisele. (Though perhaps she’ll be the one who dunnit in the forthcoming Death on the Nile.)

The Snow White revamp will be directed by Marc Webb, of the Andrew Garfield-era Spider-Man movies as well as (500) Days of Summer. It will reportedly expand upon the 1937 original, which already expanded the Brothers Grimm-told fairy tale that inspired it. But will it be as dark as the original Disneyland ride, which was so terrifying the amusement park de-fang and re-title it? And will it destroy memories of the one that starred Kristen Stewart?

(Via Deadline)