The Entire ‘Ghostbusters’ Cast Has A Crush On Chris Hemsworth

The delightful ladies of the Ghostbusters reboot were the latest to grace the red couch of The Graham Norton Show, Melissa McCarthy and crew were quick to confirm what the rest of the world has long suspected: Chris Hemsworth is a perfect human. While singing the praises of his many attributes, McCarthy did admit that sometimes it was a little much to take in. When she found out that not only is he handsome, funny, and athletic, he can also sing “like a songbird,” McCarthy was quick to shut him down in hilarious fashion. There is only so much mere mortals can take.

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig also made an appearance on the show, joining the ladies in “destroying men’s childhoods.” Despite the high quality of his ensemble (Leslie Jones is hilariously concerned for Feig’s lovely suit), Feig agrees to get slimed as long as McCarthy and Kristen Wiig performed their hilarious female folk version of the classic Ghostbusters theme song. Complete with vocals straight out of Woodstock and McCarthy’s terrible scatting, it does not disappoint. Feig is a man of his word and takes green slime to the gut like a champ. Say what you will about the potential quality of the upcoming film, but the promotional tour is already off to a charming start.

(Via The Graham Norton Show)