‘Ghostbusters’ Is The Most Disliked Trailer In YouTube History For A Predictably Dumb Reason

Forget Bill Murray, forget Slimer, forget “we came, we saw, we kicked ass” — imagine that all you knew about Ghostbusters is that it’s set to be released on July 15, 2016, and that it was written by Freaks and Geeks and Parks and Recreation alumni, and that it’s about Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones fighting ghosts. That sounds like a great movie!

If only it were that easy.

Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters is not only a reboot of a beloved franchise, but a reboot of a beloved franchise with a predominantly female cast, which really gets the worst of the Internet going. If you want to voice your concern over the, I’ll admit, slightly lackluster first trailer, that’s fine. But something about it being the “most disliked trailer in YouTube history,” according to ScreenCrush, feels personal and, frankly, a little gross. For example:

I would like an all woman monty python and they find a castle of virgin male teenagers that would be hilarious unlike this

This movie is pure feminazi propaganda with racism mixed in. Rottentomatoes is going to have fun with this garbage.

“Funniest Actors working today” When are people going to learn that women aren’t funny?

What is hollywood thinking? are they going back to that horrible era in the 90s, what are we now gona have good burger part 2? and by the way im fine with an all female cast but at least hire better looking women to stare at especially if i have to sit through this garbage

GhostBusters – Fat Dyke Edition – Offical Trailer (HD)

Of course, there are old school haters, too.

I’d rather go to my Dads funeral again than see this visual train wreck of a nightmare. On one hand you have a gut wrenching experience,that shakes me to my very core and leaves me forever changed for the worse and the memory of it haunts me everyday,and on the other hand you have my Dads funeral. Yes my Dads funeral sucked but at least it was over in 45 minutes.

this movie will be worse then 9/11

I will never be able to talk about one of my favourite movies again without saying that of course I don’t mean the fu**ing remake!!!!

The trailer currently has over 28 million views, with 205,000 “likes” and 507,000 “dislikes,” and that number’s only going to rise with commenters demanding “let’s get it to a million or more.” By comparison, Attack of the Clones, generally considered to be the worst Star Wars movie, has 5,447 “likes” and only 345 “dislikes.” Ghostbusters is the only movie trailer in YouTube’s “Most Disliked Videos” list, which is otherwise crammed with pop stars like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, briefly viral clips, and annoying sing-alongs (people REALLY hate “Wheels on the Bus”). Even Minions and Fantastic Four, which can charitably be called two of 2015’s worst movies, have better thumbs up to thumbs down ratios (51,509/5,453 and 20,470/8,852).

People have it in for Ghostbusters (it’s fine to think the movie looks like trash, but at least think it looks like trash for the right reasons). But I really hope it turns out to be excellent, if only to prove someone like “Mario exploderx,” who helpfully commented “it looks funny but why girls,” wrong.

(via ScreenCrush)