Glenn Close And Michael Douglas’ ‘Fatal Attraction’ Reunion Was Full Of Fuzzy, Bunny Boiling Affection

michael douglas glenn close
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We certainly hope they didn’t bring a rabbit with them! Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, the co-stars of the 1980’s thriller Fatal Attraction, reunited recently at an AARP luncheon honoring Douglas in New York City. Although Douglas’ wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and directing friends like Joel Schumacher were in the audience, Close got a special shout out because of the bond they formed while on set nearly 30 years ago. During his acceptance speech, Douglas said the following words:

“Sitting next to me is Glenn Close, and Glenn and I did a little movie in [the 1980s] which stood a lot of people on their heads, called Fatal Attraction. It was a brave film … it’s part of the memory of those films that keeps us all together and our friendships [thriving] … and I’m so happy to hear she’s doing Sunset Boulevard now in London, which is going to be very very exciting.”

The love between the two elder statesmen of Hollywood isn’t just a one way street either, with Glenn reciprocating the sweet thoughts shortly after in her own speech:

“I love Michael so much that I stopped coloring my hair so I could look like him. When I first started working with Michael those years ago … he was such Hollywood royalty and I had done mostly theater.”

Suffice to say that a few decades and many other movies on their rosters have not lessened the warmth these actors feel for each other. Watching actors foster relationships with each other in real life is always special to watch, and the fact that Close and Douglas are still so fond of each other after such lengthy careers is sweet in that overwhelming way that kind of makes you want to snap and boil a bunny.

(via Entertainment Weekly)