Glenn Danzig Made A ‘Boobs And Blood’ Horror Movie That’s Being Compared To ‘The Room’

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I got something to say: there is no such thing as a bad Danzig story.

Whether he’s suing bassist Jerry Only over Hot Topic profits, or the soup incident, or defending the famous kitty litter photo, the Misfits singer is a constant source of entertainment. Especially if you were lucky enough to be on hand for the world premiere of Verotika, his directorial debut.

Yes, Glenn Danzig made a movie. Yes, it’s based on the comic book company he founded in the 1990s. Yes, it’s called Verotika, a portmanteau of “violent” and “erotic.” Here’s how he described the horror-anthology film in an interview with Revolver: “I like boobs and blood.” There’s more to it than that, but also, based on reviews from Cinepocalypse Film Festival (where it premiered), there isn’t.

Verotika is made up of three stories, one about a woman who “has eyes where her nipples are,” another “involves a woman named Mystery Girl who steals faces from other women and nails them to a wall,” and the third is a “period piece about a medieval queen who bathes in the blood of virgin girls she executes to stay youthful.” They all favor the aforementioned boobs and blood over, y’know, plot. “Danzig has made what, in his mind, is a deeply serious tribute to the horror anthology films of the ’60s and ’70s,” according to the A.V. Club, but the audience was apparently cracking up the entire time, drawing inevitable comparisons to the batty brilliance of The Room. “You guys laughed in some of the places I wouldn’t have, but that’s cool,” Danzig said during a post-screening Q&A, more confused by the reaction than anything else.

Honestly, Danzig’s surprisingly chill reaction is why I want to see Verotika, which will reportedly screen elsewhere at the end of June. He put his heart (and blood) into the film, drawing on his influences as a fan of horror; it just happens to be unintentionally awful, not intentionally so. That’s what separates midnight-movie classics like The Room from dreck like Sharknado: passion.

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(Via AV Club)