The Golden Globes Are Still Happening In 2022, Even Though NBC Still Won’t Be Airing It

The Golden Globes have long been a staple of awards season. It’s the less respected, far drunker answer to both the Oscars and the Emmys. But last year they ran into a major pickle. Long-simmering frustrations about the Hollywood Foreign press Association’s lack of diversity, even outright racism finally came to a head. Talent boycotted it. NBC dropped it from its 2022 slate. But next year’s awards are still happening — even though there’s currently no network to air them.

As per Variety, the organization, whose voting body comprises the Golden Globes, is still planning a show of some sort. “The HFPA plans to recognize the performances of 2021 to celebrate the great work of the industry this past year at the 79th Annual Golden Globes,” a source told the publication. In other words, it’s business as usual, minus, currently, the part where drunk celebrities gather in a large auditorium while a host like Ricky Gervais makes fun of them in front of a national audience.

That could still happen, potentially, in some form. A reporter at Puck speculated that the 2022 iteration of the Globes could take the form of a press conference. That doesn’t have the same appeal as yet another glitzy awards show, though those have suffered over the last handful of years, hitting a nadir during the height of the pandemic, when such shows struggled for ratings.

Since NBC dropped the Globes in May, the HFPA has been quick to make reforms, hoping to patch up the relationship. (The network has said they’d be open to picking things back up in 2023.) Among the changes was adding 21 new members, including 29% Black journalists, forbidding its members from collecting gifts and trips, and adding new directors to oversee ethics and diversity changes. That may be too little, too late for 2022, but maybe 2023 will be the year they hit big.

(Via Variety)