The First ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer Promises Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode Won’t Go Out Quietly

When they revived the Halloween franchise with a direct sequel to the original, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride vowed they’d only do three more. And their journey is about to come to an end. This October (of course) brings Halloween Ends, which pits Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode against her psychotic brother once more. And from the look of the first trailer, it’s gonna be knock-down, drag-out.

The threequel (that’s also a fourquel) begins as the 1978 John Carpenter original did, with a POV shot prowling up and inside a suburban house. It’s Michael Myers, of course (or so it’s implied), but this time there’s someone waiting for him: Laurie. And she has a gun.

So beings a series of fights between the two — nasty, bare-knuckle, full-bodied tussles, including one that finds Michael almost successfully shoving his sister’s hand inside the kitchen sink garbage disposal. It’s more action than Laurie saw in the previous entry, Halloween Kills, where she was still recovering from the brutal events of the 2018 film semi-confusingly also called Halloween.

Is this really the end for Laurie and Michael? Or maybe just one of them? Curtis herself formally bid farewell to the character she’s been playing for over 40 years, the one that took her from daughter of Hollywood royalty (and Columbo bit part actress) to star and eventually icon. She even got a tattoo, so this must be it for Laurie, at the very least. Then again, it’s not the first time she’s said goodbye to the character.

You can watch the trailer in the video above. Halloween Ends hits theaters on October 14.